Tree Health Care.

I am a qualified Arboriculturist (and Horticulturist) specialising as a Tree doctor, with an unhealthy interest in the health of Trees. Because Trees are at the top of the plant world in the evolutionary sense they tend to be tightly integrated into the health of the natural world with huge amounts of species depending on trees as well as trees themselves co-evolving and being dependent on many species for their own healthy wellbeing.

For me it is easy to recognise and compare the multiple symbiotic relationships that trees have and see similarities in humans and our dependence on other life forms for our own healthy survival.  From the bacteria that live in our guts which we depend upon to break down the food we eat into the nutrients we need to survive, as well as friendly bacteria that live in our mouths and noses that protect us against pathogenic bacteria that try to invade our bodies.

Trees and indeed all plant life have equally symbiotic relationships with bacteria and fungi to provide nutrients for healthy life, this is an important lesson to understand as the Earth as an ecosystem has built itself upon the backs of most of life that has existed in the past.

Just consider this, Humans share 27% of their DNA with Trees.. we have all evolved as partners with each other in this world, we are been foolish if we think that we can destroy large swaths of life and that it will not affect us!